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Deranged GOP Senator Attacks Cameraman At Penn. Event. Video Goes Viral


Deranged GOP Senator Attacks Cameraman At Penn. Event. Video Goes Viral

Two disturbing videos have emerged online showing the moment Pennsylvania state Senator Scott Wagner, who is a gubernatorial candidate, assaulting a cameraman covering his speech at a country club.

In the footage, published by the American Bridge Political Action Committee, Wagner, who has compared himself to Donald Trump, is seen giving a speech at his country club when he notices the cameraman around the 4:45 mark.

In one video, he asks the person filming who he’s with, and when the cameraman responds with his employer (the American Bridge PAC, a group dedicated to “Holding Republicans accountable”), Wagner shifts gears.

Wagner first grills the cameraman with questions about how he got in, and then tells him, very matter-of-factly, that he’s going to “confiscate” his camera.

The first clip shows Wagner forcefully taking the man’s camera. The second clip, which was filmed on what appears to be a smartphone camera, shows the deranged republican dismantling the camera and pushing the tracker who continues to film while following Wagner and asking for his camera back.

In a statement to the Philly Inquirer, American Bridge’s communications director Lizzy Price said the footage is proof that Wagner is unfit for office.

“Scott Wagner’s actions today show how unhinged he truly is,” Price said. “If he can’t handle the pressure of the campaign, what makes him think he can handle leading the state?”

After the videotaped incident went viral, some in Pennsylvania have also expressed concern about Wagner, according to

Watch the confrontation in the YouTube videos below:

No wonder this idiot compares himself to Donald Trump.

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