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Dershowitz Hits Panic Button As Child Rape Bombshell Is About To Drop

Dershowitz Hits Panic Button As Child Rape Bombshell Is About To Drop

Trump-defending attorney Alan Dershowitz wrote an op-ed on Thursday for the right-wing publication Newsmax claiming that the New Yorker is working on a piece about him being accused of having sex with underage girls.

In the op-ed, Dershowitz accuses New Yorker editor David Remnick of commissioning “a hit piece against me for the explicit purpose of silencing my defense of President Trump, Prime Minister Netanyahu, and the State of Israel.”

Dershowitz then claims, without offering any evidence, that “Remnick explicitly told people that I must be silenced because mine has been the most persuasive voice in favor of what Remnick feels pose dangers to values he holds dear, and that he will use the credibility of The New Yorker to accomplish this goal.”

“Four years ago, a woman who I had never met was ‘pressured’ — her word — by her lawyers to falsely accuse me of having underage sex with her,” Dershowitz writes. “They expected a big payday, but I was able to prove from travel records that I could not have been on the Caribbean island, New Mexico ranch, or other places where she perjuriously claimed we had met… Having seen the initial accusation demolished, her lawyer told people he was trolling for a second accuser because ‘two is better than one.’ This time they ‘found’ a real doozy: a woman who had tried to get the New York Post to publish her claim that she had sex tapes of Hillary and Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Richard Branson.”

Dershowitz goes on to beg his supporters not to believe a word from the New Yorker.

“So when you read The New Yorker attack on me, read it with an understanding of its source, motive, and methodology,” he says. “Remember that you are not reading The New Yorker of old that had well-earned credibility. You are reading a glossy version of the National Enquirer, with partisan and personal agendas.”

During an interview via Skype last week, Dershowitz left Axios’ Jonathan Swan stunned told him that he did get a massage at Epstein’s residence and defended himself by saying it was from a very “old, old Russian woman.”

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