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Devin Nunes Accuses Barack Obama Of Committing a ‘Felony Leak’ In Bonkers Fox News Interview — Watch:


Devin Nunes Accuses Barack Obama Of Committing a ‘Felony Leak’ In Bonkers Fox News Interview — Watch:

During a Sunday interview with right-wing commentator and newly added Fox News host Mark Levin, House intelligence committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (Calif.) accused former President Barack Obama of committing an “illegal felony leak.”

As the rest of the country was entertained with the Oscars, Levin and Nunes decided to spin the conspiracy theory that former president Barack Obama was “spying” on the Trump campaign, and they ended up beyond the alternative facts territory.

“As chairman of the House intelligence committee, did the Obama administration spy on the Trump campaign?” Levin asked.

“I think it’s pretty clear,” Nunes said. “I think average Americans understand that that did happen. To what degree, it’s hard to know because the proper investigations haven’t been done, but it started with unmasking, unmaskings of Trump transition officials that I think are still questionable. We don’t know if that’s been investigated or not.”

Both Nunes and Levin argued that Trump was the real victim of Russian spying, and not the possible perpetrator of a conspiracy to accept foreign help in influencing the election. Together, the men laid out a timeline that, like Nunes famous memo, selectively presented a few facts without any context to give the impression that Obama was spying on people like Carter Page—who the FBI had been watching since 2013.

“Don’t forget that the FBI knew about the dossier because they were working with the FBI to complete the dossier,” Nunes said. “So the FBI has the documents.”

“Also, you just reminded me of something—let’s also not forget that this was not just a product of the FBI that was getting it from Steele, but the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee,” Nunes added.

“This is an Obama administration-wide effort, is it not?” Levin goaded.

At this point, they felt they had Obama red-handed.

“This would be a leak then!” Nunes said.

“This would be a leak!” Levin agreed.

“This would be an illegal felony leak!” Nunes said.

Watch the crazy exchange below:

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