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Did Your Ancestors Come As ‘Skilled Workers’?: Wolf Blitzer Destroys GOP Lawmaker’s Anti-Immigration Agenda


Did Your Ancestors Come As ‘Skilled Workers’?: Wolf Blitzer Destroys GOP Lawmaker’s Anti-Immigration Agenda

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer decided to give Republican Congressman Ted Yoho a history lesson on immigration after the lawmaker claimed he and the Republican Party wish to only bring in “skilled workers.”

“What do you mean by skilled immigrants, skilled workers?” Blitzer asked the House Foreign Affairs Committee member.

“You know, if you look historically, the ones that have engineering degrees or doctors degrees, architects,” Yoho responded.

That’s when Blitzer had enough and said:

“Congressman, I don’t know about your ancestors when they came over to the United States, but I suspect they didn’t have a whole lot of skills, they were probably very poor. but look what they achieved while here in the United States.”

The host then shared his family history to further teach the congressman.

“My parents came over the same way, they didn’t have many skills, but they achieved a great deal because this country gives these people great opportunities,” he continued.

“How do you make sure there are workers who come in, work really hard, and have an opportunity, their kids do well in school, and they eventually become, like you, a member of the United States House of Representatives?” Blitzer asked Yoho. “How do you do that, guarantee they will have a place in this country, not just highly educated, wealthy, english-speaking immigrants?”

Yoho then went to say that DACA was unconstitutional and that he wants something different.

“What I was referring to is, I just don’t want open borders where everyone can come in or a system called DACA that was unconstitutional that the previous president did,” the congressman concluded.

Take a look at the altercation in the video clip below:

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