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Shocking Video Shows Paramedic Disarming Cop As He Loses His Mind And Shoots At Unarmed Family

A horrifying body cam video has emerged online, showing a cop having a panic attack as he starts shooting at a non-existent threat while claiming that an innocent couple assaulted him and calling for back up.

According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, Sevier County Sheriff’s Deputy Justin Johnson was called by paramedics to a Sevier mobile home park where Brian Keith Mullinax, 41, and his girlfriend, Tina Carrie Jo Cody, 37, live. Cody’s mother, Robin Sutton is their landlord. Sutton lives in one mobile home while the couple lives in another. Sutton claimed her daughter and her boyfriend stole her purse. Johnson was called to investigate.

Upon arrival, the officer approaches Cody, who is visibly pregnant, and gives her two conflicting commands, “Walk over here!” and “Don’t move!” Apparently not knowing what to do, she took off running. Johnson chased her down, grabbed her by the shirt, and threw her to the ground.

As officer Johnson was attempting to get Cody in handcuffs, he wheeled around, with his Glock drawn, pointed it at Mullinax and opened fire in a volley of seven shots. However, Mullinax was unarmed and posed no apparent threat.

The officer then ran downhill to the far end of the field away from the mobile home, abandoning his suspects, the paramedics, and the citizens he fired upon and called for back up.

At around the 5:30 minute mark in the nearly 10-minute video, Johnson lost it completely. He had a full-blown panic attack, sounding as if he was crying, he remained frozen in place, gun drawn, arms extended.

The footage showed Mullinax obeyed Johnson when – after Johnson had fired seven shots and ran away – the deputy ordered him to the ground, and he never moved from that position during or after Johnson’s panic attack.

It’s almost certain the paramedics knew something was going wrong with the whole scene. Not only did they not run away when Johnson opened fire, one brave paramedic, Michael O’Connor, moved in to disarm the officer who was noticeably and audibly out of control.

Watch the shocking incident in the video below:

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