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Disturbing Video Shows Trumpsters Praising Trump Like A King: ‘It Doesn’t Matter What He Says, We’ll Support It’

On Monday night, Donald Trump flew down to Houston, Texas to hold a rally for Senator Ted Cruz. While waiting for the rally to begin, Trump supporters were interviewed outside Houston’s Toyota Center.

“It doesn’t really matter what he says, we’ll support it,” one Trump supporter told Right Side Broadcasting, a right-wing network created to live-stream every one of Trump’s rallies.

A reporter for the right-wing network asked what they hoped Trump would talk about.

“The caravan,” she blurts out, with no hesitation. “I would like to know a little bit more about what he’s going to do, ’cause that’s an invasion of our country.”

She adds that they’ll “see what he has to say tonight,” but admits it won’t matter: “I love everything that comes out of his mouth.”

Another woman praised Trump while wearing a red MAGA hat and red MAGA sweatshirt. “It doesn’t really matter what he says, we’ll support it.”

“I’m a Trumpette,” the woman in red adds. “I’ll support anything.”

Take a look at the disturbing video clip below:

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