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DOJ Employees Planned Protest But Were Warned That A ‘Target Would Be Put On Their Back’: Report

NBC News reported on Wednesday that multiple Justice Department employees had planned a walkout in protest of the overreach from the political appointees in the Roger Stone case. But it appeared that they back out of it after they were warned that a target would be put on their backs if they chose to follow through with the protest.

NBC News’ Ken Delanian spoke to a Justice Department source about the situation.

“I was even told by a source of talk of a protest today at the Justice Department of a walkout, but my source said they urged people not to do that because it was essentially placing a target on their back and identifying themselves as somebody for the Trump people to be concerned,” he explained.

“President Trump and William Barr both saying they didn’t confer about this decision to pull back on the sentencing recommendation, but my reporting is they didn’t have to because Barr had installed a loyalist as U.S. Attorney,” he went on. “As you said, he pushed out the existing attorney. He was supervising this case. They put in Timothy Shea, and I’m told raised questions about pulling back the sentencing guideline. The line prosecutors rebelled and said, ‘absolutely not,’ and filed the document, but Barr and his minions at the Justice Department weren’t having it, and they don’t have to tell Tim Shea to make the changes.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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