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DOJ To Release Report Debunking Trump’s Theory That Obama ‘Wiretapped’ His Campaign



DOJ To Release Report Debunking Trump’s Theory That Obama ‘Wiretapped’ His Campaign

According to a New York Times bombshell, the Department of Justice will soon be releasing a long-awaited report that will debunk Donald Trump’s false claims that former President Barack Obama had “wire-tapped” his campaign.

Trump started the conspiracy just a couple months into his term:

He would go on to make other wholly unsupported allegations, like these:

Now, according to the Times, the DOJ will be releasing a report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s on December 9 that will completely debunk Trump’s lies about Obama.

As NCRM and others recently reported, that Inspector General’s report is also expected to confirm that the FBI’s multi-pronged Russia probe was not tainted by any anti-Trump bias.

But as the Times notes, the report will find some flaws at the FBI, including in how it handled some FISA warrants and wiretaps.

“Mr. Horowitz’s mixed bag of conclusions is likely to give new ammunition to both Mr. Trump’s defenders and critics in the long-running partisan fight over the Russia investigation. Last week, Mr. Trump described the coming report in a phone interview with ‘Fox & Friends’ as potentially ‘historic’ and predicted ‘perhaps the biggest scandal in the history of our country.’”

You can read more into it HERE.

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