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Don Jr. Falsely Claims Obama Never Passed 2% In GDP Growth, Gets A Brutally Fact-Checked

While gloating about his father’s presidency, Donald Trump Jr. falsely claimed that former President Barack Obama never surpassed two percent in gross domestic product (GDP) growth – when in fact he surpassed it 15 times.

Trump Jr. took to Twitter after the Trump administration reached it’s strongest quarterly GDP growth. He claimed:

“Incredible numbers. I remember when “the experts” laughed about breaking 3%. Just because Obama never broke 2% doesn’t mean that someone with great policies can’t. Let’s keep this going.”

Obviously, just like his father, Trump Jr. lied just to boost his ego.

The Obama administration reached more than 2 percent in 15 different quarters. In fact, there were eight quarters of growth of at least 3 percent, including three of 4 percent or better, according to The Week.

Obama’s highest GDP growth was during his third quarter of 2014 when it his 5.2 percent.

People on Twitter were quick to call Trump Jr. out for lying to boost his father’s image. Here are some of the best responses:

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