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Don Jr Just Screwed Americans Out Of Thousands Of Dollars To Go Hunting


Donald Trump is profiting from his presidency, that is just a fact. A new report by Politico revealed new documents that show just how the president and his family are using the presidency to enrich themselves.

According to the documents, taxpayers were forced to pay for Secret Service expenses when Donald Trump Jr. took a hunting trip to Canada in 2017. It cost taxpayers $5,700 to cover Secret Service expenses at the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Vancouver.

If that wasn’t bad enough, taxpayers also paid $20,000 for Secret Service to stay at the Vancouver Trump hotel when the Trump family attended its grand opening in early 2017, just after the president was inaugurated.

Politico writes that these Secret Service expense reports only give us a tiny snapshot of how much money taxpayers are spending to cover the cost of staying at the president’s own properties.

“There’s no way to determine how much in total the administration is spending because no single entity tracks that money,” the publication explains. “Federal agencies, including the Secret Service, have disclosed some documents in response to public records requests. The president frequents his properties — primarily in Florida, New Jersey and Virginia — visiting them on more than 250 days since he was sworn into office… those visits, too, have led to the government spending money at his properties.”

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) tells Politico that American taxpayers should not tolerate the president using his office to enrich himself.

“The presidency should not be a money-making operation,” he said. “The president is directing his subordinates in the executive branch of government… to stay at Trump properties.”

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