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Don Jr Says Biden Has Alzheimer’s Because He’s ‘Aggressive And Angry’, Twitter Fires Back: ‘Take A Look At Your Daddy’

Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter on Tuesday where he tried to diagnose Joe Biden with Alzheimer’s disease – but it didn’t go the way he planned.

Trump Jr. retweeted a video of Biden telling a man he was “full of sh*t” for claiming he wanted to end the Second Amendment. He shared the tweet with the caption:

“From the Alzheimers association webpage. ‘Aggressive or angry behaviors may occur in people with Alzheimer’s or other dementias.’ A 50 year career politician doesn’t snap back this way to a blue collar guy asking him a reasonable question given his parties stance on the issue.”

Twitter users decided to fire back at Don Jr. and reminded him of his father’s ill-temper and constant snapping.

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