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Don Jr. Uses Coronavirus To Promote His Dad’s Xenophobic Policies And Gets Torched For It

Donald Trump Jr takes after his father. He has his dad’s worst qualities – which is just about all of them. And on Tuesday, he tried to take a page out of his dad’s book by claiming that having “secured borders” will stop the Coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

Trump Jr. tweeted saying:

“The coronavirus outbreak shows how important it is for us to keep our borders secure. It’s also why @realDonaldTrump is right to want a trade policy focused on increasing American manufacturing. He understands that it’s dangerous for our economy to be beholden to China!”

Of course, people took notice that Trump Jr. tried to link the Coronavirus to his father’s immigration policies – which have nothing to do with each other. Take a look below at how Twitter users reacted:

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