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Trump Asks New York Judge To Dismiss Sexual Assault Case Because The Complaint Was Made In Washington

In a court filing Friday, President Donald Trump asked a New York judge to dismiss a lawsuit from a woman who claimed he raped her in a department store dressing room. Trump’s lawyers said that E. Jean Carroll, an advice columnist, cannot sue the president in New York because the alleged rape allegation was made in Washington, Bloomberg News reported Saturday.

The president denies Carroll’s claims and said New York courts lack personal jurisdiction over him “even when the purported statements were published in New York, or were directed towards or caused harm to a New York citizen.”

Trump also said that he hadn’t been served the complaint in New York. Carroll has claimed that Secret Service agents blocked her attempts to serve the complaint, and a judge ruled she could serve it by mail to the White House, according to Bloomberg.

Carroll’s attorney said Trump’s understanding of the law around personal jurisdiction is wrong and meant to avoid having to hand over documents.

“When E. Jean’s case was filed, Donald Trump maintained a home in New York, was registered to vote in New York, paid taxes in New York, and had been sued in New York on numerous occasions – including since 2016 – without any objection,” Roberta Kaplan, Carroll’s lawyer, told Bloomberg News.

“Tellingly, as his papers make clear, what this motion is really about is a transparent effort to avoid discovery at all costs in a case involving a sexual assault.”

Dozens of women have accused Trump of varying degrees of sexual misconduct. Trump denies all the allegations against him.

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