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Trump Blames Obama For His Disastrous Foreign Policy: ‘I’m Cleaning The Mess’

Donald Trump busted

To say that President Donald Trump’s foreign policy is a complete disaster is an understatement. Just last week, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un tested a series of short-range missile, challenging Trump’s resolve in the North Korea negotiations. Iran’s leaders found new ways to threaten the U.S. and to defy the president’s “maximum pressure” campaign. And Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro berated Trump as foolish for trying to oust him and failing miserably.

In short, Trump’s foreign policy agenda is hitting the diplomatic rocks, with potentially disastrous results.

The White House says it’s by design, that Trump doesn’t mind “sowing chaos and confusion,” and he has. Others say it’s a result of misguided policies and contradictory, undisciplined decision-making inside the West Wing.

Either way, the president has suffered a series of stunning foreign policy setbacks this week, raising fresh questions about his approach to military engagement and international affairs.

“What you see is a mismatch between means and ends across the board – whether it’s in Venezuela, whether it’s in North Korea, whether it’s in Iran – where the end’s always extremely ambitious and the diplomatic means tend to be quite de minimis,” Robert Malley, a senior White House adviser on the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf region in the Obama administration told the USA Today. “We’re courting danger where there’s no reason to.”

So escalating tensions in Iran and the stalemate in Venezuela, he said, are not necessarily an aberration but a feature of Trump’s sometimes erratic and contradictory approach to world affairs.

Trump blames his predecessor for his failing foreign policy, claiming he is cleaning up “the mess” left behind by President Barack Obama, from bad trade deals across the globe to protracted military conflicts in Iran and Afghanistan.

“We have made a decisive break from the failed foreign policy establishment that sacrificed our sovereignty, surrendered our jobs and tied us down to endless foreign wars,” Trump said during a political rally Wednesday in Florida.

Democrats scoff at Trump’s efforts to blame his foreign policy troubles on previous presidents.

“Everything the president has touched internationally has gone to crap,” Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., said at a national security forum on Friday sponsored by former Obama administration officials.

“We have split our alliances,” said Murphy, who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “We have engaged in a trade war that’s cost Americans money. We have allowed Iran to restart their nuclear program. We have made no substantial progress in North Korea. The Middle East is more chaotic, not less chaotic. There’s still 20,000 members of ISIS who are getting ready to regroup,” he added.

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