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Donald Trump Can Get Arrested Now And There’s Evidence To Prove It


Donald Trump Can Get Arrested Now And There’s Evidence To Prove It

Attorney Chris Truax wrote a report on Bulwark this week explaining just how Donald Trump can get arrested right now.

Writing Thursday, Truax explained that Trump’s behavior can be charged if only there was someone willing to do it.

The first option for prosecution involves Trump’s coverup with Ukraine. The first impeachment of Trump involved a bribery attempt, saying that the president of Ukraine would have to announce an investigation into Joe Biden if they wanted the funding already allocated by Congress.

“But when the OIG filed what should have been a pro-forma notification of the complaint with the Director of National Intelligence, something happened,” Truax wrote. “Instead of facilitating the passing of the complaint to the congressional intelligence committees as the law requires, the administration began a frantic effort to bottle it up, permanently.”

According to the RawStory, “Trump’s fake Arizona electors got the green light from a scholar with ties to major conservative group Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) suggested that Trump knew about the probe by the Office of the Inspector General of the Director of National Intelligence. Johnson appeared to allege that by Aug. 31, 2019, Trump was already trying to cover up his actions.”

“But whether it was President Trump or someone close to him, it’s beyond dispute that someone made a serious effort to suppress the complaint that eventually led to Trump’s first impeachment trial,” said Truax. “We ought to know what exactly happened and if any laws were broken. If they were, those people should be prosecuted. And if laws were not broken in this case, then we probably need some new laws.”

You can read the other two reasons at the Bulwark.

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