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Trump Claims He ‘Loves Those Vets’ But Why Would He Block A Veterans Group On Twitter?


Trump Claims He ‘Loves Those Vets’ But Why Would He Block A Veterans Group On Twitter?

Donald Trump said a lot of things while campaigning during the presidential election. One of the things he said a lot was “I love those vets.” Which, if true, he would do anything to help them, even if they didn’t agree with everything Trump did as president.

But Trump, being the person that he is, decided to block VoteVets, which calls itself the largest progressive veterans group in America.

The VoteVets group decided to try and get under Trump’s skin, and in fact succeeded.

The commander in chief seemed to get offended by the criticism he was receiving by the Vet group and ultimately decided to block them.

Will Fischer, VoteVets’ director of government relations, who served in the Iraq War as a Marine, called out the president, saying that this shows his inability to receive criticism from anyone who is not a supporter. “It’s not just being unresponsive to veterans,” he says, “but about being responsive to any voice of dissent whatsoever. When I was in the Marine Corps I learned there were 14 leadership traits, including tact, integrity, courage, decisiveness — the leadership required to lead women and men in theater of war and certainly in combat — and Donald Trump literally possesses zero of those leadership traits.”

The VoteVets group posted the video above on their YouTube page. In the video, the vet pumps iron while sneering at the president. The voiceover intones:

” Trump, I heard you watch the morning shows. Here’s what I do every morning. Look, you lost the popular vote, you’re having trouble drawing a crowd, and your approval rating keeps sinking. But kicking thousands of my fellow veterans off their health insurance by killing the Affordable Care Act and banning Muslims won’t help. That’s not the America I sacrificed for. You want to be a legitimate president, sir? Then act like one.”

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