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Trump Claims He’s Been ‘Much Tougher’ On Russia Than Obama. Adam Schiff Response Is Perfect

President Donald Trump has successfully solidified his reputation as a pathological liar and conspiracy theorist. But when it comes to comparing himself to former President Barack Obama, Trump takes his assumed role as King of alternative facts to a whole new level.

On Tuesday, the lying president delved into a bizarre alternative reality, claiming on Twitter that he has been “much tougher on Russia than Obama,” and saying that reports suggesting otherwise is “fake news.”

“I have been much tougher on Russia than Obama, just look at the facts.Total Fake News! Trump wrote.

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff was quick to shut down Trump’s absurd claim:

“If by ‘tough’, you mean praising Putin, denying Russian involvement in our election, and refusing to impose the sanctions Congress passed, then you are one tough customer. Otherwise, the word you are looking for is “weak,” Schiff wrote.

And the rest of Twitter piled on:

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