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Trump Could Be In Deep Trouble If His Team Leaked Mueller’s Questions To NYT

A New York Times report revealed on Monday that special counsel Robert Mueller has assembled a list of close to 50 questions he wants to ask President Trump as part of his investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and a potential case for obstruction of justice.

The Times obtained a list of the questions, which include inquiries related to Trump’s business dealings, his relationship with Russia, and his communications with ex-staffers who have since been caught up in the probe.

It’s unclear who provided the questions to the newspaper.

But former White House Counsel, John Dean, said the very act of releasing the questions is an obstruction of justice.

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Dean said: “the very fact that the questions are out there, my first reaction suggesting that it could be an act of obstruction justice.”

He said is was an obstruction justice because it disrupts the proper flow of information.

“Well, to try to somehow disrupt the flow of information, the tipping off of witness in advance to what the question was going to be, and listening to — you are reading the questions, and I’m scanning them, it appears to me more that these are questions somebody wrote down after listening to someone else than necessarily the questions that were designed by the prosecutors.”

Watch Dean’s interview with Cooper below.

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