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Trump Debunks His Own Lie With a Another Lie And Twitter Is Having a Blast


Trump Debunks His Own Lie With a Another Lie And Twitter Is Having a Blast

When Donald Trump wants to speak to the world, he doesn’t call a press conference or craft a big speech. He simply wakes up, reaches for his phone and tweets whatever he feels like while lying in bed. Of course, “whatever he feels like” is usually controversial and often inflammatory, and, of course, a lie.

The problem with President Trump’s tweets is that he deceives, he distorts and he distracts. He uses social media to inflame opinion, to infuriate his critics and rally supporters to his cause.

Sadly, when a Trump supporter is presented with evidence that the president has lied, it is seen as an attack on a core part of their identity so the correction is rejected. They become more committed to what they hold as true. It’s a defense mechanism to protect their wider identity as a Trump voter.

Lying is an ingrained habit for Trump. He lies and he doubles down on his lies. He lies to deceive, but he also lies about pointless things that anyone with an internet connection and access to Google can prove false within seconds.

And sometimes, he debunks his own lies with other lies.

On Sunday night, he inadvertently contradicted himself after boldly claiming that he defeated ISIS by tweeting this:

“The U.S. will soon control 100% of ISIS territory in Syria. @CNN (do you believe this?).”

Twitter users were quick to call him out:

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