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Trump Is Being Dragged All Over Twitter Over His Latest -Poorly Written- Rant Against Obama

On Monday, The Donald took a break from attacking the CIA for being mean to him and instead aimed his rage at president Obama. But his aim was so terrible that he ended up attacking the English language instead.

Going bonkers over the fact that people are focusing on the CIA”s revelations that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin (a man Trump once said he hoped would be his “new best friend”) personally directed a cyber attack on the 2016 election to help him get elected, Trump decided to attack the White House:


By choosing the phrase “waite to complain,” Trump is almost implying that knew that Vladimir Putin was behind the attack on our democracy in an effort to get him elected.

Trump, of course, deleted the tweet and sent out the corrected version of his attack on the White House for its decision to not get involved in this Russian hacking stuff.

Well, that quickly backfired.







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