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Trump Fires Off Crazy Tweet Encouraging China To Bomb North Korea

President Trump’s maniacal Twitter obsession has been the subject of intense debate over the last few months. Are Trump tweets a call to violence against the media or a just distracting sideshow by a carnival barker-turned-president?

While there is truth to both possibilities, last night, it became something much more frightening.

Following North Kore’s successful test of a ballistic missile fire into the Sea of Japan, Trump bypassed situation room and went straight to social media with a not-so-veiled suggestion that China bomb the so-called hermit kingdom:

For the shrinking minority who still supported Trump, there is no longer any room for debate about this man’s fitness for office. In fewer than 140 characters, the President of the United States fired off a half-cocked public provocation to war.

With luck, cooler heads will prevail. But it is certainly a dark day in America when our best chance for avoiding mass casualties is the hope that China and North Korea’s leaders will show more level heads than the President of the United States.

On this, the 241st anniversary of American Independence, the best birthday present our nation could hope for is Congress showing the courage to put a stop to this madness.

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