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Donald Trump Has Become The Most Unpopular President In Modern History, Poll Reveal

Donald Trump’s rise to presidency was a shock to most Americans. The fact that an egotistical, sexist, maniac could become president was hard to believe. A new poll by Monmouth University revealed that Trump is the least popular president in modern U.S. history in his first six months of presidency.

The poll revealed that Trump’s approval rating is at 39 percent. This makes Trump the most unpopular president at this time in his presidency.


To makes matters worse for Trump, 41 percent of Americans support impeachment for Trump. In comparison, 26 percent supported Nixon’s impeachment six months into his second term.

The poll comes in the middle of the bombshell that Donald Trump Jr. met up with a Russian government lawyer to acquire information on Hillary Clinton.

59 percent said the meeting between Trump Jr. the Russian lawyer last year was inappropriate. Almost two-thirds of America sees that Trump is up to no good. Sooner or later mostly everyone will be on the same boat and see that Trump is a corrupt, self-loathing president that only cares about his money.

The Monmouth University poll surveyed 800 American adults from July 13 to 16 and has a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.

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