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Donald Trump Has No Plan For Making America Great Again


Donald Trump Has No Plan For Making America Great Again

With Donald Trump and his circus on a two-week golfing, tweet-storming vacation, Congress decided to leave town as well. I think neither branch of government deserves a break because they haven’t accomplished anything.

Trump and his supporters, however, would beg to differ. A key to Trump’s hostile takeover of the politics of his party and the country is to push the idea that Trump is working to “make America great again.”

Of course, we all know that’s a code word for “make America white again.” And that’s what Trump has been doing since day one in office.

In his first half-year in power, he has been making strides in carrying out that offensive mandate. In his policy making and rhetoric, a white bias is amply clear. Diversity is under sustained attack.

In his quest for the whitening of America, Trump has driven foreigners of color out and prevented them from coming in. Deportations are way up. There’s his unrelenting rhetoric against outsiders taking American jobs, there’s his immigration ban against Muslims and Haitians. And there’s a Mexican wall plan still very much in the works.

And just last week, Trump avidly backed legislation that would sharply reduce legal immigration, bringing in a new skills-based system.

On judicial appointments, Mr. Trump has been on a tear in appointing hardliners who will shape civil liberties and civil-rights laws. For the Courts of Appeals – the last authority for the vast majority of cases – no president before Mr. Trump named more than three judges whose nominations were approved in his first six months. But, as The Washington Post notes, Mr. Trump has named nine.

His administration is challenging affirmative-action practices. It is reportedly looking into hiring practices targeting alleged reverse discrimination against white applicants on college campuses.

Mr. Trump’s views on cultural diversity are long held. He was the tribune of the so-called birther movement, claiming Barack Obama was not American-born. That he suffered much embarrassment when the Obama birth certificate was produced didn’t seem to bother him. His birther campaign secured his paramount place among Republicans in white identity politics.

With Trump’s approval numbers falling off the cliff elsewhere, his work on white nationalism has helped secure the support of his base, which is willing to perpetrate violence on those who disagree with their extremist views.

Meanwhile, Trump is making millions on the back of taxpayers with every trip to his resorts.

What do you think? Is Donald Trump making America great again? Please answer in the comments section below.

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