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Donald Trump Inadvertently Reveals His ‘Secret Plan’ To Defeat ISIS Doesn’t Exist

Remember when Donald Trump said he “knows more about ISIS than the generals”? Well, the Republican presidential nominee had a chance to show off his extensive military experience during the Commander-in-Chief Forum, held on Wednesday night aboard the USS Intrepid in New York City, and put to rest any doubt that indeed he knows more than just about anyone, about everything. It didn’t go well.

The event, hosted by Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, gave Trump and Hillary Clinton 30 minutes each to field questions from host Matt Lauer and an audience made up of veterans. When asked about his plans to defeat ISIS, Trump claimed he has a ‘secret plan’ that he can’t talk about in public so as not to tip off the terrorist group.

When pressed by Mat Lauer, Trump repeated that he wants to be unpredictable and cannot reveal his plan. Then he said –as only Trump can say it- within a matter of seconds that he both currently has a plan and has yet to come up with one.

Watch, and try not to laugh too hard.

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