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Donald Trump Jr. Asks Supporters To ‘Trigger’ Liberals On Thanksgiving And Send Videos

The president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., has asked supporters of his father to “trigger” their liberal relatives at Thanksgiving dinner, offering Trump offered a MAGA hat and a copy of his book, “Triggered,” as the prize for the best moment caught on camera.

“Trigger a liberal thanksgiving!” Trump tweeted on Wednesday, the day before the holiday. “Have some fun & talk politics at the thanksgiving table. Best pic/vid of something/someone triggered maybe w/ my book, wins a signed copy of Triggered & a MAGA hat.”

Sharing the challenge with his 2.1 million followers on Instagram later on Wednesday, Trump wrote: “Have some fun with this guys. Let’s see how triggered you can get them.”

In a separate Instagram post, Trump Jr. also appeared to encourage his supporters to troll their liberal relatives during the Christmas holidays in December by presenting them with Trump-themed tree ornaments.

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