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Donald Trump Jr. Expected To Be Indicted By Mueller Soon: Report

It appears that Robert Mueller has obtained the evidence he needs to finally bring Donald Trump Jr. to justice, and the President’s son is expecting to be indicted any time by the Special Counsel, according to New York Magazine.

Last year, Trump Jr. testified under oath that he never informed his father of a meeting with Russian officials promising “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. Well, it seems that Robert Mueller has obtained proof that it is not in fact true.

Everyone knows that the Trump family lies all the time, of course, but doing it under oath is a crime.

Two days ago, Gabriel Sherman reported that White House officials are concerned about Donald Jr. “I’m very worried about Don Jr.,” and fear Mueller will be able to prove perjury.

The details of the expected indictment remain to be seen. But if Trump Jr. did lie under oath, he could drag his father down with him.

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