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Donald Trump Jr. Might Want To Get His Affairs In Order ASAP

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on is that the Trump family lies all the time, of course, but doing it under oath is a crime.

Enters Donald Trump Jr.

When Trump Jr. testified before Congress, he told lawmakers that he never informed his father of a meeting with Russian officials promising “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. It seemed hard to believe that the ne’er-do-well son would neglect to seek credit for his expected campaign coup from the father whose approval he so obviously craves. And now it seems that Robert Mueller has obtained proof that it is not in fact true.

On Friday, Mueller indicted and arrested Roger Stone this week, after having had a grand jury going against him for at least nine months. No one was surprised to see Stone finally get popped. But the surprise was what was specifically stated in the Stone indictment, and what the source material was for five of the seven charges involved. The upshot: Donald Trump Jr might want to get his affairs in order.

The indictment represents a mere fraction of the Stone-related crimes that Robert Mueller had been presenting to the grand jury all this time, based on what various witnesses have been blabbing to the media since early 2018. For instance, Mueller has been investigating Stone’s involvement in everything from an alleged Sheriff bribery scheme in Florida, to whatever the deal is with him and a former prostitution ring leader. None of that was in the indictment, so we have to assume it’ll be added later. For now, most of the charges against Stone came straight from Stone’s own prior words.

Mueller cited Roger Stone’s prior testimony to the House Intelligence Committee as the basis for the majority of the felony charges listed in this indictment. When Republican Congressman and Trump defender Devin Nunes was the committee chair, he had Stone and others come in and testify that they’d done nothing wrong, so he could issue a report that “cleared” everyone in Trump’s orbit. When Adam Schiff became chair, he vowed to give all of those transcripts to Mueller. Sure enough, he’s clearly done that. And this brings us to Donald Trump Jr.

Democrats on the House Intel Committee have publicly accused Trump Jr of having committed perjury during his prior testimony to the committee. Now we know that Robert Mueller has that transcript as well.

Mueller decided to quickly indict and arrest Roger Stone based primarily on the transcript, even though his overall case against Stone wasn’t ready yet. There is every reason to expect Mueller to do the same to Trump Jr.

In a normal grand jury arena, nothing would leak, and the public would have no idea someone is even being targeted until the indictment is unsealed. So yes, Mueller could already be knee-deep in grand jury proceedings against Trump Jr or anyone else, without us hearing a peep about it, and he could shock us with abrupt arrests at any time.

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