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Trump Lashes Out At Macron In Raging Twitter Fusillade: ‘MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN!’

President Trump was up early on Tuesday, plotting his next attack on French president Emmanuel Macron when he finally came up with his best idea: explode on Twitter.

In a series of tweets, Trump lashed out at Macron, hitting the French leader for a “very low Approval Rating,” the unemployment rate and trade policies.

Trump attacked Macron over the French president’s speech last weekend where he took an apparent swipe at Trump by calling nationalism “a betrayal of patriotism.”

“There is no country more Nationalist than France,” the president tweeted.

“The problem is that Emmanuel suffers from a very low Approval Rating in France, 26%, and an unemployment rate of almost 10%,” Trump wrote. “He was just trying to get onto another subject. By the way, there is no country more Nationalist than France, very proud people-and rightfully so!……..”


Trump’s weekend visit to France was marked by multiple indications of a souring relationship with the longtime U.S. ally.

Speaking Sunday at the Arc de Triomphe alongside Trump and other world leaders, Macron decried nationalism.

“Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism,” Macron said. “Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. By saying our interests first … we erase what a nation holds dearest, what gives it life, what gives it grace, and what is essential: its moral values.”

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