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Donald Trump Linked To As Many As Eight Women Who Got Paid To Have Abortions: Report

Over the past few months, we’ve seen some of Donald Trump’s criminal scandals exposed by his most trusted secret-keepers who have cut plea deals against him. Now, a new report from The Spectator is shedding light on some of his personal scandals.

By now, we know that Donald Trump paid at least two women, during the 2016 election cycle alone, to keep quiet about the affairs he’d had with them. This has become part of a criminal case against Trump, because these payments were a felony violation of federal election law.

On May 2, Rudy Giuliani revealed that the Trump administration has been lying for months about the fact that Donald Trump reimbursed his personal attorney Michael Cohen for the $130,000 he fronted to buy porn star Stormy Daniels’s silence about her affair with Trump. Until then, Trump had been claiming that he didn’t know about any settlement, and that he hadn’t had a sexual liaison with Daniels. Of course, he was lying.

Now, some more dirt is starting to bubble over that could lead to another criminal case against the fraudulent “president.”

According to The Spectator, Trump may have paid as many as eight women to have abortions.

But abortion is legal, and most of those who oppose Trump politically are of the belief that there’s nothing wrong with abortion. So why would this be a big deal?

Well, if Trump paid any women to have an abortion and keep quiet during the election cycle, that would be yet another violation of campaign finance law.

Lock him up?

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