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Trump Is Losing His Mind Over This Chart Showing Why He Won The Election


Trump Is Losing His Mind Over This Chart Showing Why He Won The Election

The chart below, showing the latest data from polls after the election was published by several news outlets and it’s driving president-elect Donald Trump nuts.

The data represented on the chart was crunched by Sam Wang to judge the effect of FBI Director James Comey’s infamous letter on the election, and it’s truly revealing:

“From opinion data alone, it is possible to estimate when a change occurred. This can test between alternative explanations, which include not only the Comey letter (October 28th) but preceding events such as the announcement of a hike in Affordable Care Act premiums (October 24th),” Wang says.

He further explains:

“I calculated a day-by-day margin using polling data from the Huffington Post. . . After the Affordable Care Act premium hike announcement, public opinion did not move for days. However, the big change does coincide well with the release of the Comey letter. Opinion swung toward Trump by 4 percentage points, and about half of this was a lasting change.”

Naturally, there’s a chart to go along with this data. Check it out:

Source: Mother jones

Source: Mother jones

As Mother Jones writer Kevin Drum notes, “Hillary Clinton lost 4 points when the letter was released. She eventually gained back some of that, but it looks like 2 points were permanent.”

This matches Nate Silver’s estimate that the Comey letter cost Clinton 2 points, which Put Trump over the top in key battleground states.

At this point, we are expected to acknowledge that lots of things affected the election: bad campaign strategy, rural blue-collar whites, etc. This kind of stuff happens to all campaigns. The difference here, however, is that things like the Comey letter don’t happen to all campaigns. This was an egregious and unlawful intervention in the election by the director of the FBI, who was motivated at least partly by his fear of a rogue group of agents who had colluded with disgraced former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani to help Trump defeat Hillary Clinton.

This, folks, is not normal. Comey knew exactly what he was doing. He was warned that it would be an unprecedented act of interference in an election. But he went ahead and made the announcement anyway, and in a manner perfectly calculated to do the maximum damage. Sadly, the press played along and the rest is history.

Without Comey’s letter, Clinton likely would have won the popular vote by 4 points and the Electoral College by 300 votes or more. Who knows about the Senate? Maybe Democrats would have won that too. Eliminate the Russian hacking and Clinton would have won in a landslide. Instead, a shameless misogynist, self-described-rapist, and authoritarian game show host will be sworn in as president of the United States.

For the first time in history, America is about to become a country controlled by Russia. This is not normal.

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