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Trump Named ‘Worst President In History’ After Just One Year In Office


Trump Named ‘Worst President In History’ After Just One Year In Office

Donald Trump’s first year in office has been nothing but hectic. It has been filled with scandal after scandal. His first year in office has also been full of record-low approval ratings.

His ratings got so low, that according to a new survey given to scholars, Trump has been ranked as the worst president in history.

Political scientists Brandon Rottinghaus and Justin S. Vaughn surveyed scholars in the field of political science.

Taking their results to the New York Times, both Rottinghaus and Vaughn found out that Trump’s first year was seen as a catastrophe by both Democrats and Republicans.

The survey showed that Democrats ranked Trump dead last among all presidents. On the other side of the spectrum, Republicans didn’t think so highly of Trump either. They ranked him only ahead of Andrew Johnson, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan and William Henry Harrison.

“In sum, Trump’s freshman year grades were not strong, even among those experts most likely to support him,” the study says. “He consistently did very poorly when it comes to Embodying Institutional Norms and performed best in Communicating with the Public, but never received higher than the equivalent of a C from any group along any dimension.”

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