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Trump Tells Seniors Their Medicare Will Be Taken Away If He’s Impeached

An increasingly desperate Donald Trump tried to pivot away from weeks of coverage of his impeachment Thursday afternoon by scaring senior citizens about what Democrats might do to their Medicare.

“Almost every major Democrat in Washington has backed a major government takeover that would totally obliterate Medicare,” Trump claimed during a speech to senior citizens in Florida. “They want to raid Medicare to fund a thing called socialism.”

The event was held at The Villages, a massive retirement community that’s a trove of aging Republicans in Florida, one of the key 2020 swing states. And while it was ostensibly an official event about policy, Trump quickly turned it into a campaign rally with a lengthy harangue about his 2020 foes as the crowd chanted “four more years.”

“Today, standing in solidarity with our nation’s seniors I declare that America will never be a socialist country,” Trump bellowed during an hour-plus speech, just hours after he implored communist China to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son as he departed the White House.

During his speech, Trump slammed Medicare for All, the plan backed by Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), claiming its implementation would somehow damage current Medicare. He also attacked Joe Biden’s plan to create a “government option” to compete with private healthcare plans, saying it was just as socialist.

“The fake moderates on the left are telling the same lies that they’re telling under the last administration,” he said, attacking Obamacare.

“That’s why they do the impeachment crap — because they know they can’t defeat us fairly,” he said of Democrats.

Trump’s actual 2020 budget, however, proposed cuts of $575 billion from the current Medicare program over ten years.

Likewise, Trump went on an extended tangent promising to lower prescription drug prices by allowing their reimportation from other countries — even though just a day earlier he’d sworn not to work with House Democrats to pass the bipartisan bill until they drop impeachment.

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