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Donald Trump Has An Unusual Real Estate Project In Rural New Jersey


Donald Trump Has An Unusual Real Estate Project In Rural New Jersey

TRUMP CEMETERY. Yep, you read that right. President Donald Trump’s business is planning to build a pair of graveyards at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster course in rural New Jersey, according to plans filed with local and state authorities.

One would be small: 10 plots overlooking the first hole, where Trump wants to build a big mausoleum for himself: a 19 feet high. Stone. Obelisk. Set smack in the middle of a golf course.

The other proposed cemetery would have 284 lots for sale to the public. There, buyers could pay for a kind of eternal membership in Trump’s club, according to plans.

City officials had some concerns about hosting a reality TV star’s tomb. The huge structure would seem garish, out of place. And there were ongoing worries that the spot might become an “attractive nuisance,” tempting curiosity-seekers to trespass on club grounds.

Trump offered a concession: The tomb would be versatile. It could also be a festive wedding . . . tomb.

“We’re planning a mausoleum/chapel,” Trump said, according to the Washington Post.

As WaPo states, president Trump already has a family burial plot: His parents and his brother Fred are buried together at All Faiths Cemetery in Queens. So it was a surprise when Trump announced he wanted a mausoleum for himself in New Jersey.

For authorities, this plan made little sense. For one thing, it would be a very poor way to make money.

You need volume to succeed. And the volume at Trump’s cemetery would be very low (unless a lot of people suddenly die at once.)

Trump’s cemetery — with people selected by a kind of membership committee — would handle just one to two burials per year, officials said. Cemetery plots in New Jersey cost, at most, a few thousand dollars each.

But maybe the point wasn’t to make money. Could this whole thing have been a scheme to reduce the Trump Organization’s real estate taxes? After all, nonprofit cemeteries pay no taxes on their land.

That’s possible, experts said, WaPo reports.

“It’s always been my suspicion that there’s something we don’t know” about the explanation behind the seemingly inexplicable cemetery plan, said Bedminster land-use board member Nick Strakhov. So why were they doing it?

The land use board approved unanimously, after some inconclusive quizzing (Maybe Trump’s pal Chris Christie was pulling the strings behind the scene).


And that’s not all: The Trump Organization has applied for state approval for a larger, public cemetery.

That brings an even larger question: Why all these cemeteries?

A White House spokeswoman declined to comment on the subject.

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