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Trump “Most Vulgar Man I’ve Ever Met”, Says Sports Illustrated Supermodel

Recalling an ‘excruciating’ event at the White House in which she was placed next to Donald Trump, former Sports Illustrated cover model Vendela Kirsebom described Trump as “the most vulgar man I have ever met.”

According to MailOnline, Kirsebom’s story is corroborated by Vanity Fair’s editor-in-chief, Graydon Carter, who arranged guests seating for the 1993 White House event.

“Everything he said was so vulgar. I couldn’t listen to his nonsense for an entire night so I asked if I could be moved,” Ms Kirsebom, 49, told MailOnline.

She added: “He talked about big breasts, small breasts, how one was better than the other and the differences between them. His main focus was breasts and the sizes of women’s bodies. Fat women were not real women in his opinion.”



“He basically said if you are not attractive and beautiful, then you don’t have any purpose as a woman,” Kirsebom said.

Graydon Carter confirmed her story saying: “After 45 minutes she came over to my table, almost in tears, and pleaded with me to move her.”

“It seems that Trump had spent his entire time with her essaying the “t***” and legs of the other female guests and asking how they measured up to those of other women,” he said.

“He is,” she told me, in words that seemed familiar, ‘the most vulgar man I have ever met.'”

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