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Trump Was Just Linked To Russian Mafia By Fusion GPS Founder

Glenn Simpson, whose firm Fusion GPS was hired to investigate Donald Trump, has linked the president to the Russian mafia.

According to Simpson, Trump had links to the Russian mafia during his time as a real estate developer.

A new transcript that was released on Thursday shows that Simpson spoke to the House Intelligence Committee back in November and told them that Trump had connections to Italian and Russian organized crime.

“We also had sort of more broadly learned that Mr. Trump had longtime associations with Italian organized crime figures,” Simpson said. “And as we pieced together the early years of his biography, it seemed as if during the early part of his career he had connections to a lot of Italian mafia figures, and then gradually during the nineties became associated with Russian mafia figures.”

According to Simpson, Trump had “gone over [to Russia] a bunch of times, he said some weird things about Putin, but doesn’t seem to have gotten any business deals.”

Simpson commissioned former British spy Christopher Steele to look into Trump because the president, he said, allegedly had “gone over [to Russia] a bunch of times, he said some weird things about Putin, but doesn’t seem to have gotten any business deals.”

“We also increasingly saw that Mr. Trump’s business career had evolved over the prior decade into a lot of projects in overseas places, particularly in the former Soviet Union, that were very opaque, and that he had made a number of trips to Russia, but said he’d never done a business deal there,” Simpson added. “And I found that mysterious.”

Simpson said during his testimony to the House Intel that members of the Russian mafia were buying Trump’s properties. When asked by Democratic Representative Adam Schiff whether the Russian government knew about Trump’s business dealings, Simpson responded with a “yes.”

“If people who seem to be associated with the Russian mafia are buying Trump properties or arranging for other people to buy Trump properties, it does raise a question about whether they’re doing it on behalf of the government,” he later said.

Simpson told the committee that they should continue their investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia.

“I think that the evidence that has developed over the last year, since President Trump took office, is that there is a well-established pattern of surreptitious contacts that occurred last year that supports the broad allegation of some sort of an undisclosed political or financial relationship between the Trump Organization and people in Russia,” he said.

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