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Donald Trump Is Creating Conflicts With U.S. Allies


Donald Trump Is Creating Conflicts With U.S. Allies

Donald Trump is the most unorthodox President-elect in history and that will transition into his presidency. He might just cause the apocalypse himself.

It’s as if everything he should do he does the opposite. He’s befriending longtime U.S. enemies like Russia, while destroying longtime relationships with allies like Germany. He even said that NATO was “obsolete”:

“I said a long time ago that NATO had problems.”

“Number one it was obsolete, because it was designed many, many years ago. Number two the countries weren’t paying what they’re supposed to be paying,” adding that this was unfair to the United States.

Like CNN put it he is “turning the world upside down”.

Trump is a disaster for the world.

He has completely ignored what U.S. presidents have done for decades to avoid a clash between the world’s last real superpower and the dominant power in Asia, and started a feud.

China’s President Xi Jinping on Tuesday, in unusually frank terms for a Chinese leader, delivered a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos that appeared to be an open repudiation of much of Trump’s emerging China policy.

Xi also warned that the world must remain committed to free trade and said protectionism was like locking “oneself in a dark room,” apparently taking aim at Trump’s threats to impose tariffs on Chinese goods because of his belief Beijing has ripped off America in their economic relationship.

He has praised Putin and wants to improve a relationship with the Russians.

Now Putin, who is hoping Trump’s vow to improve relations will mean he is open to Moscow’s foreign policy priorities, is paying Trump back for his warm comments toward the Russian leader throughout his campaign and transition.

“I don’t know what he will be doing on the international stage. So I have no foundation to criticize him nor to defend him,” Putin said on Tuesday.

Heather Conley, director of the European affairs program, spoke about what Trump said in during his interview on Monday with Times of London and the German publication Bild. She stated “What Mr. Trump articulated in this series of interviews … that is exactly the goals and aspirations of the Kremlin: to erode NATO’s credibility, to erode the European Union and to conquer and divide, to get to a great power relationship on arms control where it is back to the future and two great powers will solve everything.” She also added, “Those are Russian interests.”

So besides threatening China and befriending U.S. enemies, Trump has decided to challenge the relationship the U.S. has with Germany.

On Monday he called German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policy on refugees “catastrophic.” He also went on to say that he trusted her just as much as Putin.

But the idea that an American President could be as warm to a Russian leader accused of interfering in the US election than a German chancellor shocked many observers.

“Chancellor Merkel is the leader of Germany, which has been a very close American ally for decades,” former US Ambassador to Ukraine Stephen Pifer told CNN on Tuesday.

“To put them on the same plane is a pretty remarkable statement that has caused a lot of concern not just in Washington, but I think among American allies in Europe about what the Trump presidency is going to mean for how the United States engages with Europe and deals with Russia.”

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