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Trump’s Latest Tweet About Trumpcare Is Pure Gold

As Senate Republicans unveil their latest disastrous attempt to rob healthcare from millions of Americans, President Trump took to Twitter to show support, but he suffered an apparent lapse in his train of thought and ended up destroying their effort.

The erratic president, whose penchant for tweeting without thinking has given us such gems as “covfefe” and public threats to the fired FBI Director, among dozens of other embarrassing missteps — accidentally called Trumpcare exactly what it is:


But the president gets no points for honesty when it’s a happy accident in an effort to screw over the country he allegedly leads. Still, the rare candor, no matter how inadvertent, is refreshing. Take a look:


Well, Trump’s right this time. The whole plan is a failure of leadership, a failure of values, and a total failure for the American people. He’s also right that Republicans are working hard to pass it, and he would happily sign it.

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