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Donald Trump’s Own Lawyers Are Suing Him: ‘He’s a Deadbeat’


Donald Trump’s Own Lawyers Are Suing Him: ‘He’s a Deadbeat’

The fact that Donald Trump often refuses to pay what he owed to small businesses for services rendered have been well documented. The GOP nominee often threatens legal action against those who demand to be paid. But Trump also has a history of underpaying the very lawyers who saved his company money.

Trump has flatly denied all allegations of cheating, insisting that he only underpays service providers “when somebody does a bad job.” But court records show otherwise.

An article published by Mother Jones notes that the Atlantic City law firm of Levine Staller saved Trump Entertainment $35 million in overpaid taxes, as well as slashed $15 million from the corporation’s future liabilities for a total of $50 million worth of savings. But Trump then attempted to pay Levine Staller $1.25 million less than what had been previously agreed upon. Levine Staller was forced to sue its former client to secure what was owed to them.

According to the report, another law firm, Morrison Cohen LLP, represented Trump in a lawsuit against a construction contractor that he said had “overcharged” him. Trump later attempted to sue Morrison Cohen LLP for using his name in promotional materials that referenced this case. In a countersuit that was settled confidentially, court documents ironically revealed that Trump hadn’t paid Morrison Cohen LLP nearly half a million dollars in legal fees.

“He’s a deadbeat,” said Florida lawyer Bill Scherer, who also was compelled to sue Trump for a measly $5,000 dollars worth of unpaid legal bills even after offering him a low rate in an attempt to “curry favor” with Trump.

If Trump’s own lawyers are suing him for unpaid bills, it’s perhaps reasonable to assume that there are hundreds of small businesses who have decided to simply cut their losses and move on.

What a con man!

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