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Doors Closing On Trump As Clinton Surges In New Key States Poll

In five days, Americans heading to the polls will be faced with an important task: Move the Republic forward by electing Hillary Clinton, or risk plunging the country into a constitutional nightmare by electing Donald Trump, who claims he wants to “Make America Great Again.” You know, like in the 50’s.

The next president will hold tremendous power over the Supreme Court’s make-up, and therefore the rights of millions of Americans. Thankfully, if recent polls are correct, voters are poised to elect Hillary Clinton.

A new batch of national polls shows that Clinton is in a better place than Barack Obama was at this point in 2012. The Democratic nominee is currently about 6 points ahead of Trump nationally, the HuffPost Pollster shows, and predicts Clinton will get 341 electoral votes.

The latest CNN/ORC poll showed Clinton up 2 points in Florida, and by 4 points in Pennsylvania ― both well in line with recent trends. The same poll also shows Trump leading narrowly in Nevada, and Arizona.

Maybe there are reasons to think 2016 is more uncertain than 2012 was; it certainly has been an unconventional year. But even if you don’t listen to reason and want to freak out about polling numbers, the race remains as it was before Friday’s FBI announcement about more emails pertinent to Clinton’s private server: Clinton is leading, with a very strong chance of winning.

Could there be an upset? Sure. But we’re trusting that pollsters have captured opinions reasonably well on average.

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