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Dr. Jane Goodall: ‘Trump’s Antics Similar To Male Chimpanzee’

During an Interview with The Atlantic , famed primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall said that Donald Trump’s behavior reminds her of the primates she spent decades studying in the wild.

“In order to impress rivals, males chimpanzees seeking to rise in the dominance hierarchy perform spectacular displays: stamping, slapping the ground, dragging branches, throwing rocks,” the renowned anthropologist told the paper. “In many ways the performances of Donald Trump remind me of male chimpanzees and their dominance rituals.

While we’ve not seen Trump drag branches or throw rocks, the GOP presidential nominee has displayed a visible wild side, launching personal attacks and resorting to racist and sexist insults, and bragging about the size of his manhood.

Jane Goodall. Photo: National Geography.

Jane Goodall. Photo: National Geography.

“The more vigorous and imaginative the display, the faster the individual is likely to rise in the hierarchy, and the longer he is likely to maintain that position,” Goodall said.

Trump will face his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton at the presidential debate set for September 26. When it happens, Goodall told the paper,  she’ll be thinking of “Mike,” a chimpanzee she studied that displayed dominance by kicking kerosene cans, creating a scene that sent would-be challengers fleeing.

H/T: The Atlantic, Huffington Post.

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