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Dreamers Are More Scared Than Ever After Threatening ICE Tweet


Dreamers Are More Scared Than Ever After Threatening ICE Tweet

Dreamers is the term given to children who came to this country with their parents when they were young and are now looking for a better future in America. These kids grew up in the United States and even consider themselves American.

Thanks to President Obama, 750,000 Dreamers came out of the shadows and were given the opportunity to follow their dreams without the fear of being deported. Obama signed an executive order called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) back in 2012 that allowed Dreamers to be in this country legally without the fear of deportation.

But fast forward five years later and now Donald Trump is president and thanks to him the fear is bigger than ever. Hundreds of thousands of Dreamers now live each day of their lives in fear, thinking that any minute they could be sent back to a country they know nothing about.

That fear was increased even more this past weekend when US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) tweeted out that “DACA is not a protected legal status, but active DACA recipients are typically a lower level of enforcement priority.”


One of the people that have expressed their fear is Elias Rosenfeld, who emigrated from Venezuela to the United States as a boy in 2004.

“It was very frightening, because it was a total reversal from what the Trump administration was saying about the DACA policy,” said Rosenfeld, who is now a student at Brandeis University outside Boston.

You can see his full story below:

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