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Donald Trump’s Kids Were Just Dealt a Devastating Blow In The Russia Investigation

It appears this is the beginning of the end for the Trump klan and their web of corruption. Michael Cohen dealt a devastating blow to Donald Trump when he walked into court Thursday morning and admitted that he and the president were plotting to build Trump Tower Moscow during the 2016 general election. But the real blow here is to Trump’s kids.

Earlier this year, Trump Jr. testified before Congress that he had no knowledge of Trump Tower Moscow and other Trump-Russia financial deals. But in the court filing for Cohen’s new guilty plea today, he confirmed that he did indeed told Donald Trump’s kids about the Trump Tower Moscow deal due to their roles in running the Trump Organization.

Now that the Democrats are about to take control of the House, they’ll have access to the testimony transcript, and they’ll be able to criminally refer Junior for perjury.

Make no mistake. Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump have now officially been dragged into the financial side of the Trump-Russia criminal scandal, and they’ll be investigated for it accordingly. And Cohen just nailed at least one of the three of them on an easily provable felony.

While perjury is far from the most serious crime that Donald Trump Jr stands accused of, it will be the quickest and easiest to prove. This kind of thing will make Robert Mueller’s job a whole lot easier when it comes to taking Trump Jr down.

It’s unclear when Mueller will make this move, but what is clear is that Mueller has what he needs to put Junior in prison – and things aren’t looking much better for Eric or Ivanka.

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