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‘Dump Trump!’ America Chants As His Approval Ratings Reach Historically Low Numbers

On Tuesday, Donald Trump’s approval numbers have hit historically new lows in the latest poll since Gallup began doing approval surveys in 1953.

Trump’s approval ratings hit it’s lowest point in January when only 39% approved. With the newest survey in, Trump’s approval average since taking office is now at 41%. According to Gallup, the historical average of approval for a president at this time in his presidency is 61%.

The latest president to have the lowest approval ratings in their first quarter was former President Bill Clinton, who had a 55% approval rating.

If we compare Trump to some of the latest presidents, Obama had a 63% approval rating, Bush had a 57% approval rating, Reagan had a 62% approval rating, and former president Kennedy held the highest approval rating at 71%.

The latest poll was conducted from Jan. 20 to April 19 on the Gallup U.S. Daily survey, with a random sample of 45,111 adults.

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