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Early Voting Numbers Revealed. Results Showing Good News For Clinton


Early Voting Numbers Revealed. Results Showing Good News For Clinton

More than 7.3 million Americans have already voted in several swing states and the Hillary Clinton’s campaign has reason for optimism.

According to a CNN analysis of the latest early voting statistics, Democrats have improved their positions in North Carolina, Nevada and Arizona compared to this point in 2012. Republicans, meanwhile, have good news in Iowa.

In Florida, where the latest comparable data comes from 2008, Democrats have cut deeply into the traditional Republican advantage in early ballots cast so far.

Data from 12 battleground states where more than 4.6 million votes have been cast show Hillary Clinton surging and her current polls numbers suggest the Democratic nominee could flip Arizona this year.

Here’s a look at the early voting data from several of those battleground states, via CNN:


Since ballots went out last week, Democrats have been increasing their advantage over Republicans, outvoting the GOP by more than 10,000 votes, doubling their lead since Saturday.


As in-person early voting kicks off in Florida, Republicans are ahead, but by a narrow margin, but the Clinton campaign efforts to register Hispanic voters in Florida might be paying off. They comprise about 12% of the early voting electorate so — up from 8% in 2008. There were reports of long lines stretching past 90 minutes in Miami-Dade County as in-person early voting began Monday, with voters telling reporters they were motivated by their distaste for Trump or Clinton.


North Carolina
Registered Democrats have jumped ahead of registered Republicans by more than 100,000 votes in North Carolina so far, as thousands of voters cast ballots over the weekend. The Democratic edge is slightly higher than it was in 2012.


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