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‘Enraged’ Lindsey Graham Says Dems Are Violating Constitution By Not Letting GOP Hold Sham Trials


CNN reporter Lauren Fox tweeted out on Thursday morning that Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was “enraged” at the fact that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi won’t allow the Senate to have the Articles of Impeachment without an agreement to the rules of the trial.

“Graham enraged Pelosi would hold back articles of impeachment, saying it’s not her job to dictate the Senate trial. Trump called him this morning to asked what in the world was going on up on the hill. Graham told Trump he didn’t know,” Fox tweeted.

Pelosi’s concerns come from hearing Graham, and other Senate Republicans, say that they have already made up their mind and will vote against removing Donald Trump from office despite the evidence.

The South Carolina Senator also ranted this morning that the Constitution was being trampled, but by Democrats, not the president.

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