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Epstein’s Tapes Could Turn Up Proof That Trump Raped 13-Year-Old, Trump Biographer Says

Within hours of Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest on charges of sex trafficking of minors, a panicking Donald Trump hit the airwaves trying to distance himself from the sexual predator, insisting that he barely knows Epstein to begin with. But a series of new developments indicate that this is about to get even worse for Trump.

On Saturday, during an appearing on MSNBC’s “AM Joy”, Trump’s biographer Tim O’Brien revealed that the Southern District of New York investigators uncovered a wealth of photographic evidence from accused child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse that could clear up — or confirm — accusations made by a woman who claimed Donald Trump raped her in Epstein’s home in the ’90s.

Speaking with host Joy Reid, O’Brien noted that Epstein’s home has cameras in every room leading him to believe that there is a treasure trove of tapes showing criminality.

According to the journalist, “When I worked on my book about Trump, Trump regularly talked to me about Jeff Epstein and he felt they had lifestyles that were in synch. But what is happening now with this investigation in the Southern District and they’re going to get access to Jeffrey Epstein’s videos.”

“The other thing is, there is an outstanding claim a Jane Doe claim filed right before the election by a woman in her 30’s who said in the ’90s when she was 13, Donald Trump raped her in Jeffrey Epstein’s townhouse in the Upper East Side,” he continued. “The veracity of that claim can be tested now by the Southern District.”

“They’re investigating what occurred in Jeffrey Epstein’s townhouse,” he remarked. “They should interview every woman who came in and out of that townhouse, including the woman that made this claim against the president right before the election.”

Adding, “She withdrew her claim because she got death threats, so the White House says her claims were baseless,” O’Brien suggested, “That can be tested very quickly.”

Watch the interview below:

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