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Eric And Donald Jr Just Started Selling Exclusive Access To Their Father For $1 Million

Eric and Donald Jr, both sons of President-elect Donald Trump, are selling access to his father for a low low price of one million dollars in yet another despicable act of dishonesty. They are scamming people under a nonprofit association named “Opening Day Foundation.”

Trumps sons are selling an all exclusive access to their father for up to a million dollars a ticket. They are describing the event as “Opening Day 2017,” which will be held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in D.C. the day after the inauguration. Oh but don’t worry if you can’t afford the seven-figure donation you can always give as little as $25,000 instead. These packages will include the grand opportunity of a “private reception and photo opportunity for 16 guests with President Donald J. Trump,” and a “multi-day hunting and/or fishing excursion for 4 guests.”

The original brochure was published by TMZ and it shows all the potential offerings.

According to OccupyDemocrats an analysis of the records needed to found a nonprofit showed the “Opening Day Foundation” was created on Dec. 14, so their integrity can surely be counted upon based upon years of public service.


Their foundation has promised to donate the “net proceeds” to “conservation” charities, but no one knows the names of these charities. Also, the term “net proceeds” seems a bit fishy as the Trump family has shown before, they will use their own business at these events and then charge themselves loathsome amounts of money. And seeing as it has not been specified as to how the money will be distributed the possibilities could be that the Trump boys donate .00001% of the money while keeping the remaining 99.99999% for themselves.

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