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Trump Livid After Eric Holder Issues Major Announcement About Obama


Trump Livid After Eric Holder Issues Major Announcement About Obama

“Obama is ready to roll.” Those were the words of former Attorney General Eric Holder said on Tuesday as he announced Barack Obama’s comeback to the political arena to take the fight against Donald Trump’s authoritarian administration.

“It’s coming. He’s coming, and he’s ready to roll,” Holder said, speaking to reporters at a briefing, according to Politico.

Trump is reportedly fuming over the announcement, fearing that the media will cover Obama more than him.

Also, Holder’s prediction that Democrats will take back the senate didn’t sit well with Trump, who fears investigations over his Russia connections could leas to impeachment.

“The usual pattern of the party in the White House losing state legislative seats in off-year elections would hold next year, but I expect we’ll see that on steroids with President Trump,” Holder said.

Obama’s group is looking to be an intensified central force for Democrats to tackle their disadvantage in gerrymandering. The mission is put Democrats in a stronger position in state houses, but also in the U.S. House of Representatives by directing resources into winning targeted state elections, push ballot initiatives for nonpartisan district-drawing commissions and wage legal challenges to existing maps.

Throughout, Holder said, Obama “will be a more visible part of the effort.”

In the 2016 elections, Republicans won 49 percent of the vote in those districts, but because of their gerrymandering ploys, they got away with 55 percent of the seats

Holder acknowledged that the work in the courts has gotten more difficult with Jeff Sessions now in his old job running the Justice Department. He called the department’s decision to scrap a challenge to voter laws in Texas on Monday “disheartening,” but said that while “it would be good to have the Justice Department on our side … it doesn’t mean that the argument can’t be made, and can’t be made well.”

“This is really a battle for our democracy,” Holder said. “The notion that people are denied their ability to cast a meaningful vote … is inconsistent with what we say our democracy is about,” he added, according to the report.

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