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Eric Swalwell Slam Dunks Donald Trump

Donald Trump on Friday held a press conference in order to throw a tantrum about the fact that no one is willing to fund his absurd border wall and that he’s running out of excuses for his government shutdown.

So now he’s doing what he always does. He’s stomping his feet and threatening to do over-the-top things he knows he can’t do.

Trump is now threatening to formally declare a National Emergency and use it as an excuse to unilaterally fund the border wall, while seizing any private land that sits in the way of his wall blueprint.

Of course, he can’t do this. He doesn’t have the law on his side to get it through the inevitable court challenge, and he doesn’t have the political muscle to even try it.

In response, Congressman Eric Swalwell, a rising star in the Democratic party, slammed Trump’s National Emergency threat for the empty nonsense that it is:

“There is a national emergency alright. He lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Congressman Swalwell is right, the only National Emergency is the fact that Trump is in the White House.

Trump’s last desperate gasp has failed. Each of his moves is proving to be weaker and emptier than the last.

In fact, it’s difficult to find anyone who’s not laughing at this “National Emergency” silliness.

With his border wall never getting funded and his government shutdown continuing to destabilize his dying presidency, what will Trump do next?

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