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Eric Trump Just Went On An Anti-Semitic Rant Against Woodward For Exposing His Dad: Watch

Eric Trump went on “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday to discuss the recent book that was released by veteran journalist Bob Woodward and the midterm elections.

But the younger Trump son had nothing but hateful thing s to say about Woodward and Democrats.

He first started off by claiming that Democrats are “The anti-law enforcement, high taxes, and the elimination of plastic straws.” He then added: “that’s not a message that’s going to win in November.”

Then, while talking about Woodward’s bombshell book “Fear,” Trump shouted out a phrase which many people are calling anti-semitic.

Trump accused Woodward of using the book just “to make three extra shekels.”

The shekel is both an ancient and modern-day form of currency in Israel, but it can also evoke ugly old bigoted and anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jewish people.

Trump said of Woodward’s book:

“Don’t you think people look through the fact, you can write some sensational, nonsense book, CNN will definitely have you on there because they love to trash the president. It’ll mean you sell three extra books, you make three extra shekels, at the behest of the American people, at the behest of our country, that’s doing a phenomenal job by every quantifiable metric. Is that really where we are?”

People took notice of Trump’s anti-Semitic attack on Woodward and called him out for it on Twitter:

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